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2005 Other Makes Chopper

$ 243


Found this a couple of years ago on a motorsports clearinghouse website. Didn’t have a title, couldn’t tell me the specific model year, just that it was mid 2000s, they really didn’t know too much about it.  I liked the looks of it, and figured I needed another toy, so I bought it.  Brought it home, and until the other day, never got around to working on it, was going to be another winter project, but in 2 winters I haven’t had the time to do with it what I wanted to, and now I’m moving, so I’m lightening the load to make the move easier and selling off some toys.  And this is one that should be owned by someone that will get more use out of it than I have.

When I bought it, it didn’t have keys for the ignition, nor for the locking gas cap.  I bought a new ignition for it, but the gas cap I purchased recently didn’t fit right, so I still have the old one on there, had to take  the tank to a locksmith and to get it off, and disabled the lock.  Like I said, just put a new ignition in, as well as a brand new battery and charger, but those are not really doing anything at the moment, because the previous owner had cut a couple of wires, and I haven’t gotten around to fixing them.  The bike is a kick start, no electric start on it, so the battery and ignition are really only for the lights, which are all there just not connected.  I misspoke, almost all the lights are there.  As you can see in the photo of the rear of the bike, the left rear turn signal is missing a bulb and the amber lens.  Looked for one a year ago just for a few minutes, didn’t see a listing for just the lens, but many websites sell the whole rear light fixture, license plate holder, for around $20. I just never got around to that either, cause, well, I’ve been busy.  Also, on the right side, rear fender, the red, side marker reflector is missing.  When I purchased the bike, I was told it is a 125cc, four stroke motor, and from a quick google search of mini choppers, I found that to be accurate.  Foot shifter, but it has an automatic, centrifugal clutch, so no clutch lever up on the handlebar. What is there is the rear brake lever.  There is a small ding on the upper left side of the tank that you can see in the pics.  Apparently the previous owner didn’t know enough to rotate the rear brake handle bar assembly, cause when I bought it, it was hitting the tank, which caused the ding.  The bike has been sitting in my garage for 2 years, and with packing up for the move I decided I may as well sell it.  So yesterday I took an hour, changed the oil, and spark plug, cleaned the carb, and put some gas in.  3 kicks of the kick starter, and it started right up.  Went a couple miles down the road, turned around and came back. But I forgot to check the mileage before I left, and after I got back, didn’t even think about it before this moment, so I am not sure if the odometer is working or not.  I know the speedometer is, and both run off the same cable to the front wheel.   Ran fine, straight and true, almost made me want to keep it, but I have to start letting some of these things go.  It would be a great, fun bike to keep around, but I also know that I just don’t have the time to fix the wiring and really do to it the things that were in my head when I purchased it.  For an adult, its fun, or for a kid that you’re just getting into motorcycling, it would be a great bike to have.  Show them how to work on it, fix the things that need fixing, teach them how to ride.

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Cheap motorcycle for sale in Cross Plains, Wisconsin (listed on eBay Motors). The bidding is right now at $242.50.

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31 bids have already been placed, click here to buy or submit your own bid!

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Cross Plains, Wisconsin

April 20, 2017 5:22 pm